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Camille Bidault-Waddington

32, stylist and contributing fashion editor to The Face, Self Service, Numero and Pop. Also a consultant to Marc Jacobs

It's good for me that I live with another creative person. Jarvis [Cocker - whom she recently married] helps me find ways to work the ideas I have. So when I had an idea for a story about dressing sculptures in parks, we went out together to do research.

I find music helps, too, and Jarvis often sings at home. You can be creative anywhere. I used to think environment was important, so I got a studio and painted all my furniture pink and put all my pictures up, but after a while I was never there, so now I work from home.

My job is about creating something from nothing. It's very abstract: you choose the girl, you choose the location. Basically you invent a little world, which is just going to last one day. And it's only when you look through the Polaroids over breakfast the next day that you realise what you have done.

I think the enemy of creativity is conformism and being scared of what others are going to think about what you're doing. You have to disregard any kind of judgement from outside, because as soon as you start asking around too much for advice, you're finished.



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